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New R32 VRV system

Daikin continues in his strategy to replace R410 refrigerant by new generation refrigerant R32. Since the launch of Ururu Sarara in 2013, the first R32 air conditioner, Daikin has worked to convert his portfolio to lower GWP refrigerants.

The next step in this strategy has been the launch of the VRV 5 S-series, a completely newly developed unit specifically for R32 refrigerant.

Our development department together with Belgian colleagues were in charge of this difficult task - VRV R32 system. The parallel development of the outdoor unit in Belgium and the indoor units in Daikin Czech carried out many difficulties, both expected and unexpected.

One of the expected issues was very strict safety regulations. Our goal was to make a system enabling to use the VRV system to its full potential, with a minimum room surface down to 10.0 m².  The VRV system integrated two safety measures. Shut- off valves for outdoor units and factory-mounted measures for detecting gas leakages are included into indoor units.  The incorporation of these measures required structural changes and a lot of testing (internal testing and also external testing in certified laboratories).

We have successfully prepared for our customers 5 types of units in total 14 casings and 41 classes.  All of units meet high Daikin standards - high efficiency, low noise, and maximum safety. Among other models we developed 10 class slim concealed ceiling unit for use small or well-insulated rooms, such as hotel bedrooms, small offices etc.

Unexpected situation with COVID-19 tested our flexibility and determination. Despite various delays (delivery, testings...) we were able to meet our goals. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the project.