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PLM implementation in EDC

DICZ development department was established as one of four EMEA Development Centers (EDC) in the year 2012.

Despite the fact that EDC is located in different countries, we need close collaboration on projects and efficient sharing of information and know-how.

For the best results of our development, we have invested from the very beginning into Test Chambers (New test chambers) and Simulation Software (CFD analysis, FEM analysis - Static and dynamic analysis ...).

As a further step of our investments, all DCs have decided to strengthen our cross-company cooperation and Product life cycle management.

Teamcenter has become the best solution for our goals. It is a centralized project management SW for the whole EDC, which provides quality enhancement of Document Management, Schedule Management, Reporting and Issue Management.

Together with other EMEA Development Centers we started with the preparation of infrastructure last year and after large testing and additional improvements we finally released the Teamcenter in November 2018. End user's trainings are finished, and all new projects are performed in Team Center from that time.

Now we are all connected!