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Project for South Afria

As the sale of air-conditioning units is worldwide expanding, Daikin company is constantly dealing with the local requirements for the safety of electrical equipment. These requirements may more or less vary from European Standards. These market requirements are handled by Compliance Group, which hands over the incentives for the application of requirements to the Development Groups. A part of Compliance Group responsibility is to evaluate legislative requirements of the European countries, Middle East and Africa.

As a Compliance Group we have successfully completed a project which will allow to sell Daikin air-conditioning units in Republic of South Africa, residential and commercial units as well. For this project the coordination of common testing with certification companies in Prague, Cologne and Milan was necessary, it also required going on business trips to these institutes. There was a change in international standard during this project and this also had an impact on the flow of the project.

Carrying out the necessary tests and successful completion of these tests ensured Daikin Company obtaining internationally recognized certificate which declares the safety of air-conditioning units. This is a key certificate for entering the market of Republic of South Africa. It can be used in many other regions outside the EU.

Author: Martin Šoral

Compliance engineer in EMEA Development Center (EDC)

Image: EMEA area