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Learning management system in EDC

To reinforce EDC colleagues’ education, we have implemented new tool – LMS.

LMS stands for Learning management system, and it is provided by SAP Success Factors. LMS provides centralized tool that covers the most important areas for education as Training plan, Training realization and Training Monitoring or Evaluation.

The LMS was managed as global project, led by DENV HR & IT, and started in January 2020. The implementation team has consisted of different Daikin affiliates & departments (DENV HR, EDC, DACE…) to reflected interest of all parties. System has been officially deployed to users in July 2020. LMS was built as a global system so roll out to other affiliates/departments is already on-going and will gradually continue.   

Although the system is already in use, the LMS project team still exists to work on LMS improvements and to prepare new releases that SAP regularly does. As EDC we agreed to start with newcomers training content. We set up the newcomers training plan with target completion time of each training per different groups or positions. Also, we unified trainings´ structures and contents between all 4 design centers that belong to EDC. The majority of items is currently managed as instructor-led trainings, but also several e-learnings or readings for self-study are available. The target for next year is to focus on e-learnings creation and advanced trainings for experienced colleagues and we aim to create complex and clear reporting for easy training follow up.

We have been already acknowledged by colleagues, that the LMS provides user-friendly environment for learning. And we believe that together with further content creation and continual improvements we will build strong, clear, and effective Education system for constantly growing development centers (EDC).