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Practical training in DICZ

Education makes an essential part in the growth of our engineers within EDC. During October we had an opportunity to hold a special event: Practical training - FMEA/FTA for Sound and Vibration.

What makes this event special?

This training is based on real practical study, connects Theoretical and Practical parts with target to increase technical knowledge of EDC colleagues.

Training lasted for 4 days, and we warmly welcomed 20 trainees from 4 Design centres over Europe (DICZ, DENV-Belgium, DMGG-Germany and DAZO- Italy), further we had 6 trainers and 7 managers involved.

Trainees were divided into groups of 2 and received a unit with an embedded NG point based on a customer claim (sound & vibration topics). Their task was to find the issue and correct it, with utilizing FMEA/FTA, unit measuring and reporting to management based on internal Design review procedure.

To chill out a bit after whole day training and get to know each other better, all participants joined together teambuilding in Pilsner Urquell brewery (tapping training) and enjoyed nice dinners.

The same multinational Practical training was already held in Belgium in 2019. We consider both trainings (2019/2021) as very successful and effective and therefore we aim to schedule the training in future again and to add also new topics.