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R32 BOP & R32 GSI Project

Daikin set strategy to replace R410 refrigerant by new generation refrigerant R32 till 2019. In 2013, Daikin Japan developed first R32 air conditioner for Europe, when Daikin Czech took over the raised flag and continued delivering new product with this refrigerant for residential and also for commercial segments to EMEA region.  2017 development projects R32BOP* and R32 GSI* are furthermore expanding Daikin portfolio, allowing sales of environmental friendly products also in developing countries.  This part of portfolio represents high volume zone, which enlarges the positive impact of selected refrigerant to the environment.

By these development projects are the split range air conditioners fully transformed to R32 refrigerant.

Background for this development and refrigerant replacement can be found in R32 properties. Due to low GWP (global warming potential) have Daikin units low environmental impact. Despite that we are still able to increase energy efficiency in our new split units and further improve the products. Daikin strategy is verified by competitors following this trend and transferring their products also to R32 refrigerant.

* Internal product indication


Author: Jaroslav Pašta

Supervisor in Development Department (EDC)



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