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Self-cleaning duct

One of our last successful projects is a self-cleaning unit. It is a unique device designed to eliminate the cost of cleaning the filter of Duct air conditioners. These types of air conditioning units are extensively used in hotels and offices where regular maintenance of the filter is required.

Building owners have to spend a great deal of money on caretakers who will remove and clean the filter at regular intervals. Thanks to the new device that can be plugged in from the air conditioner, these costs are avoided. The self-cleaning device keeps the filter constantly clean. Savings are not only on the direct cost of cleaning themselves but also allow for uninterrupted rental of room rooms. It is also possible to mention savings for electricity. A poorly passive filter has a negative effect on the performance of the air conditioner, which is forced to increase the speed so that the desired comfort is achieved. Last but not least, air quality is positively influenced.

Since it was not a classic development of air conditioning, the first task of the development centre was to analyse the market situation to set the right conditions for product verification. This also involved the analysis of dust samples collected in several hotels so that we could, for testing, reproduce this dust with a specialized company. Since the product will be sold throughout Europe, it was necessary to specify the work environment in which the device will be operated. Different operating conditions, such as temperature and humidity, must not affect cleaning efficiency.

After the developer team set the basic requirements, it was necessary to construct the design solution and produce the first prototype. From the first prototype to the final product, it is a long journey full of simulation of materials, testing and, above all, solving complex technical tasks that will develop. At the end of this journey, however, there is now a unique self-cleaning device with several patent applications.

Author: Jaroslav Pašta

Supervisor in the Development Department

EDC: EMEA Development CenterSouvisející odkazy:

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We are continuously informed about successes of this product and one of them we had during an ACR news awards 2018 event that was held on 24.1.2018 and where we have got an award Ancillary Air Conditioning Product of the Year.

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