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Since February 2018 the production of completely new type of air conditioning unit has begun in DICz. It is a compact model, that has no competition in its category regarding the size and efficiency. The development of the Stylish model was conducted together in development center in Japan (DIL) and Czech rep. (DICz). This model was presented to public on January 25. On social events in Turin in the Congress Centre of automobile museum. During the festive evening the merits of this new model and the origin of design inspired by car curves were introduced to the guests.

Stylish unit offers plenty of new technologies and innovations. For example, the Grid-EYE sensor, which gives to air conditioning unit the ability to identify each position of heat source, position of persons and according to this to optimize its function for maximum comfort. New system of blades helps to get the vertical direction of air flow for maximal heating comfort or allows to turn the main blade in cooling mode (with usage of coanda effect) so that the cooling of the room is more effective. Directly in the unit implemented Wi-Fi adapter is another innovation.

The remote control with the use of smartphone with the application Daikin Online Controller is of course also possible. The features in current premium models have been preserved. Such as for example combination Silver particle filter, Titanium apatite deodorizing filter or streamer.

The production processes were also innovated. Newly is used the CFF production technology (further referred to as a fan only), which now consists of more segments. Thanks to this the noise of the unit has dropped rapidly. For this new type of fan, it was necessary to create new machine for parameter control (dimensions, balance…). Newly the technology of plastic welding is applied. This process improves the connection between the panel and the opening mechanism. It also helps to maintain the straight shape of panel. Plastic welding was used for the first time in Daikin unit.

The Stylish is characterized by its modern design and unique look. It is currently available in White and Silver designs, and soon Black Wood design will be introduced. The new Stylish has attracted great public attention due to its small size and high efficiency. Due to the great interest of the public, high sales success and design awards are expected, just like it was with the Emura model.