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Introducing the R32 refrigerant for Sky Air units

After the successful launch of the new R32 refrigerant for the residential sphere, our development department waited a major challenge in the form of the largest project in DICZ for the year 2016/2017 is the introduction of the new R32 refrigerant for Sky Air units. These units are used in a light commercial sphere such as shops and offices / office buildings.

As part of this project, 11 types of new indoor air conditioners have been developed (up to 50 model series from the point of view of the capacity classes), which are supposed to replace the existing R410A refrigerant supply. The new units make full use of all the benefits of the R32 refrigerant to offer the best parameters in its class.



Daikin is committed to reducing the impact of man on the environment, and this project wants to support this commitment. Refrigerant R32 is characterized by better thermodynamic properties, resulting in higher efficiency, lower noise levels and lower operating costs for the customer. With the introduction of the new R32 refrigerant for such a large assortment, the impact on the environment is thus significantly reduced. This is achieved by a third GWP value (R32 = 675, R410 = 2088) compared to R410A and at the same time it is better recycled because it is a one-component refrigerant (R410A is a 50/50 mixture of R32 and R125).

The biggest problems we had to deal with in the development were the lack of time with regard to ensuring the backward compatibility of the R410A units. So that new indoor air conditioning can be used in already installed systems without the need to replace the entire system.

The result is units that can work with both the new generation refrigerant and the original coolant, both new and old. By using the new refrigerant they offer better parameters and are more environmentally friendly. The established trend of our company confirms the growing demand for these products as well as its success in the ranks of competition.

Author: Tomáš Bílý

Supervisor in the Development Department


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