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Daikin is People

Project funded from the ESF and the state budget of the Czech Republic

Project name: DAIKIN is People

Project registration number: CZ.

Program title: Human Resources and Employment Operational Program

Area of support: Increasing employee adaptability and business competitiveness

Description of the Project

Project Daikin is People is planned for two years. The implementation of the project is divided into three main parts. The first month is a preparatory phase in which project processes will be set, and tenders will be announced to suppliers of training services, language courses and computer technology with OEMs. The communication flows with the target groups are set and the project publicity is prepared.

The second part is the implementation phase. It will focus on coordinating and monitoring the implementation of project activities - monitoring and adherence to the training schedule and project budget. Other important parts are the implementation of internal project evaluations, reporting to the management of the company on the course of the project and the processing and submission of regular monitoring reports and payment requests.

The last part of the project is the final phase - the last month of the project. Here, an internal evaluation of the benefits of training activities, the processing of statistics, the audit of the project will be carried out and a final monitoring report will be prepared and submitted.

Project goals

Daikin Industries Czech Republic Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of top air conditioning units for residential purposes. The main purpose of educational activities is to strengthen this position by providing an increase in the qualification and competence level of employees in the field of general education. The aim of the project is to develop and improve human resources management in our company.

Target groups

The target group consists of 160 employees across the company's hierarchy. In the Daikin is People project, a total of six training modules for operators, masters, technical and administrative staff, managers and internal lecturers, and language learning (English) are included .

The course

The project is planned for two years in which participants learn and improve in computer, communication and managerial skills.


The result of the project is to increase the skills, competencies and adaptability of the participants, which will increase the sustainability of jobs, increase the flexibility and dynamism of the employees and create reserves for leadership positions. By increasing the qualifications, competencies and adaptability of Daikin Industries Czech Republic Ltd. employees, specialists, able to produce top-quality products, will be provided.

Contact person

Contact: Mgr. Vera Pospisilova,, Telephone: 378 773 493

Supplier and guarantor of education

Name: Everesta, Ltd.

Street: Mimonská 3223

City: Ceská Lipa

ZIP: 47001

Supplier and guarantor of language education

Name: Language School EUFRAT Ltd.

Street: Pallova 42/8

City: Plzen

ZIP: 30112