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Daikin Philosophy

Trying to be a group that is constantly evolving

Daikin Management has formulated a clear Group Philosophy to express the basic attitude that everyone in the DAIKIN group can share. A thorough understanding of these principles by DAIKIN employees is actively supported.

Understanding these policies helps employees be proud to work for this organization and build trusted relationships with their colleagues, customers, suppliers and shareholders around the world.

DAIKIN philosophy allows everyone in the group to create innovative ideas and suggestions, make responsible choices, and flexibly act in their work.

10 Principles of DAIKIN Group Philosophy

  1. Create new values ​​as anticipated by future customer needs.
  2. Contribute to the society with world-class technologies.
  3. Realize future dreams by maximizing corporate values.
  4. Think and act globally.
  5. Be a flexible and dynamic group.
  6. Be a company that behaves environment-friendly.
  7. Be socially minded and have the trust of society.
  8. The pride and enthusiasm of each employee is the driving force of our group.
  9. Be a globally perceived company with a dynamic management system.
  10. The atmosphere of freedom, boldness and "best practice" is our way.


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