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Company ethics expresses Daikin's core values and provides a framework for decision-making for its employees. Every member and employee of Daikin Europe Group is personally responsible for adhering to high ethical and legal standards and standards of conduct, with regard to their meaning  and spirit, and regardless of whether their requests  are required by law or not.

Here are 12 basic elements of Daikin's corporate ethics:

  1. Compliance with legal regulations
  2. Providing safe, high-quality products and services with respect to the expected future needs of end-users
  3. Carrying out business activities and doing business in accordance with the principles of fair competition
  4. Obtaining supplies, materials and services in a fair way and maintaining friendly, yet demanding and competitive relationships with suppliers
  5. Respecting intellectual property rights and keeping of the protected information in secret
  6. Timely and reasonable disclosure of company information
  7. Contribution to operations of company that seeks to minimize environmental footprint and negative impact on the environment
  8. Ensuring safety in all activities
  9. Cultivating a dynamic workplace environment that encourages pride and enthusiasm for a common cause in every employee
  10. Protection of corporate assets
  11. Maintaining moderation regarding the exchange of gifts and entertainment
  12. Maintaining a firm and unshakable attitude towards any illegal, unsocial and unethical behaviour

Reporting violations of these policies

Thank you for your interest in the ethical program and compliance with Daikin Europe's standards of conduct. Your findings and comments are very important. We will do our best to answer any questions or suggestions as soon as possible. We strive to create an open and fair environment in which all stakeholders are empowered to raise their questions, comments, and address their worries or concerns about potential breaches of our corporate policies.

Erik Claes

Head of Internal Audit

Daikin Europe N.V.