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Daikin places great emphasis on environmental protection. The DICz Factory boasts a photovoltaic power plant (19.2 kWp and 9.6 kWp), a ROTEX solar system and a biotope.

Biotope built in the Daikin plant from the production waste. Employees have been involved in building and maintaining the habitat, creating a pleasant relaxation area with their contribution.

A photovoltaic power plant (19.2kWp) that covers part of our consumption by producing electricity from the sun.

The expansion of the photovoltaic power plant (9.6kWp) and other expansions are underway.

Solar collectors from ROTEX, which became part of Daikin. Collectors are heating our water with solar energy.

Heat exchanger station for solar collectors, here the heat obtained from the sun is passed to our hot water network.

Environmental activities in DICz have their name, which is StromeCZECH. The name is also linked to the activities logo, which besides the graphic form is also plastic, which was created by the employee Jaroslav Macha from wooden pallets.