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Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of DICz

Managers meeting of and celebration of the 10th anniversary of the DICz Opening Ceremony

On 24 July 2015, DICz held a meeting of Daikin executives. Daikin Branch Managers have arrived from all over the world, and have seen the production and showroom with up-to-date products as part of the meeting.

In the afternoon, Celebration of the DICz 10th anniversary was held, which was attended by DICz employees as well as Regional Office and ministry representatives. During the opening ceremony, when guests had the opportunity to see the Alex Dowis light show, the performance of the Pirueta children's ballet ensemble and the Czech Collegium Philharmonic concert, the prizes were handed over to ten DICz employees who had worked most shifts since founding of DICz. The whole evening was moderated by the Czech TV moderator, Daniela Pisarovicova.

After the welcome ceremony, the guests and employees moved to the party tent, where another program and especially a rich banquet were prepared for them. The party was set off by a drum show of the Barrel Battery group, who used equipment from the factory for their performance, which was followed by symbolic opening of beer and sake barrels with the assistance of managers and VIP representatives.

Then they all had the opportunity to taste delicacies from countries where Daikin has its factories - they have tasted food from Czech, Japanese, Italian and Belgian-French cuisine. Musical accompaniment was provided by the band April. The main music star of the evening was singer Miro Zbirka, who sang his biggest hits.